Yes And…Then What? (w/ Yvonne Landry) (2020)

Improvisers are known for making things up on the spot, but the art form itself is so transient. Even after the best shows, the audience and performers are left with only memories and that “you had to be there feeling.” Many improvisers, however, have taken the skills and sensibilities they learned and honed in improv and have plied them in new ways creating art that is more enduring and permanent. In this illuminating interview series veteran improviser Paul Vaillancourt talks to some of those improvisers discover how their improv skill influencing the art that they’re making off the improv stage.

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Paul Vaillancourt is the author of “The Triangle of the Scene”.
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Yvonne Landry has been improvising for almost 30 years. She started as a well-trained dancer who became an improviser as it afforded her the chance to eat.

Yvonne Landry
She lived and performed in Chicago for almost 10 years, performing and training. There she started doing some stunt work. She moved on to Los Angeles for more of the same.

She found herself back in her hometown of New Orleans due to a family illness. While there, she opened up “La Nuit comedy theater”- the first long-form improv theater in New Orleans. She ran that theater for almost 14 years while booking film work in New Orleans. She executive produced the “New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival for 15 years. That festival brought in huge industry to scout comics in New Orleans.

She now lives outside of Atlanta and is the program director of the “Superhero Training Center,” a niche studio that Yvonne created to train American actors to compete for parts in big action movies. The program is an 8-month long intensive that trains Americans in both a multi-disciplinary European style AND adds in typical American strengths like improvisation and tactical training.

Yvonne teaches improv internationally and works in film when they hire her.

She loves to learn and is a lifelong student.

Yvonne danced in the NFL halftime show in 1990.

check out her newest endeavor the Superhero Training Center:


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