Improv Tip #174 Transcribe Your Shows (w/guest tipper Rich Talarico) 2021

Improv, Improv ComeImprov, Improv Comedy, Improvisation – whatever you call it, we’re here to help. In this week’s improv tip, guest tipper Rich Talarico shares a technique that he and his legendary trio Dasariski have used to become such phenomenal improvisers – it starts with Transcribing Their Shows. Whether you’re doing improv comedy, playing improv games, using improv in your acting classes, or expressing yourself with some other kind of improvisation, you are going to love this tip. This is a great improv for beginners tip and advanced improvisers alike.

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Shout out to Craig’s Tip:

3:11 – Rich’s Tip
4:07 – The “I know…” technique

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Rich Talarico is a Peabody Award-winning and four-time Emmy nominated writer, producer, actor, and director. Rich is an alum of The Second City and Improv Olympic theaters in Chicago. Rich worked for 15 years in late-night TV on shows like Key & Peele,  Review, MADtv, Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Rich has also produced and wrote Frank TV for TBS and was a writer/performer on The Sketch Pad for HBO. Rich has appeared in small roles on MADtv, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and the feature film, High Fidelity. Rich also appeared in numerous TV commercials, most notably A&W Root Beer’s “Mr. Dumass.” Rich teaches improvisation and sketch comedy writing. 

Twitter: @richtalarico



A lecture-style class on long-form improvisation. 
From Bob Dassie, Rich Talarico & Craig Cackowski. 

Dasariski will read through the “as-improvised” transcription of one of their improvised performances, immediately followed by comments and analysis from Bob, Rich and Craig. Then a Q&A from lecture attendees. Students can ask questions about the show they just heard or any questions about improvisation in general. 

SUNDAY, JUNE 6th 2021 

1pm Pacific Time
ADMISSION: $15.00 
To reserve your space in the Zoom Lecture – send an email RSVP to: 
June 6th – only on Zoom!
Dasariski is a Los Angeles-based improv team that combines the names and talents of Bob Dassie, Rich Talarico, and Craig Cackowski. Bob, Rich, and Craig met in Chicago in 1993 and have been working together ever since. All three are veterans of Chicago’s Second City and Improv Olympic (iO). Their TV and film credits include SNL, MADtv, Key & Peele, Veep, Drunk History, Arrested Development, Monk, Mr. Pickles, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more.  
Photo by: Kevin McShane


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