Yes And…Then What? (w/ Elizabeth Mihelich) (2020)

Improvisers are known for making things up on the spot, but the art form itself is so transient. Even after the best shows, the audience and performers are left with only memories and that “you had to be there feeling.” Many improvisers, however, have taken the skills and sensibilities they learned and honed in improv and have plied them in new ways creating art that is more enduring and permanent. In this illuminating interview series veteran improviser Paul Vaillancourt talks to some of those improvisers discover how their improv skill influencing the art that they’re making off the improv stage.

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Paul Vaillancourt is the author of “The Triangle of the Scene”.
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Elizabeth was born and raised in Pueblo, CO and after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Theatre: Directing, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Elizabeth’s journey as an actress eventually led her to writing, which led her to producing her own projects. After producing a few of her own short films, “Just Like the Movies” and “Tactics”, she took the skills she had learned and found a passion for producing. Elizabeth’s focus has shifted to helping other filmmakers, notably female storytellers, bring their stories to life. She is committed to working on projects that have at least 50% female representation, in front of and behind the camera. She is interested in helping to bring marginalized voices to the forefront and seeks to find projects that have an impact on our world, affecting social change, making the world a better place for everyone.

Elizabeth has been busy the last four years line producing and producing 11 short films that are blazing their way around the festival circuit. Most notably, “It Happened Again Last Night”, directed by Gabrielle Stone & Roze and “What Metal Girls Are Into” directed by Laurel Vail. WMGAI has been in over 100 film festivals and has won many awards and can now be seen on AMAZON. “After Emma”, starring Amy Smart, Taymour Ghazi and Dee Wallace directed by Gabrielle Stone, premiered at the HollyShorts Film Festival in 2019. Currently, “Cookie” written and directed by Shane Hartline, starring Trilby Glover, about Spasmodic Dysphonia is playing film festivals around the world.

“Babbs and Maria Go To Therapy, a web series created and written by Babbs and Maria Lopez is now streaming on Seed & Spark, and is written, created and starring two, full figured, Mexican Americans, Directed by a female Pacific Islander and Produced by a woman.

Recently, Elizabeth wrote and produced the short film, “The First Noelle”, a Christmas Romantic Comedy that was filmed in Scotland. The First Noelle was directed by Wendy Faraone and stars Kahyun Kim and James Robinson.

Making the leap to features, Elizabeth is Producing two feature films, “Sonny” and “The Lucid Dream, Indie Movie”.

Elizabeth is also a contributing writer for Ms In The Biz and has two feature films she’s written, “Tag-A-Longs” and “Partnering” in development.


Twitter: @AnInspiredIdea

Instagram: @aninspiredidea



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