Yes And… Then What? (w/ Christa Nannos) (2020)

Improvisers are known for making things up on the spot, but the art form itself is so transient. Even after the best shows, the audience and performers are left with only memories and that “you had to be there feeling.” Many improvisers, however, have taken the skills and sensibilities they learned and honed in improv and have plied them in new ways creating art that is more enduring and permanent. In this illuminating interview series veteran improviser Paul Vaillancourt talks to some of those improvisers discover how their improv skill influencing the art that they’re making off the improv stage.

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Paul Vaillancourt is the author of “The Triangle of the Scene”.
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Christa Nannos launched her acting and writing career as an improviser at iO West and Second City Hollywood, where she produced and performed in numerous Main Stage shows. Since then, she’s created the award winning musical-comedy series Super Single, was nominated for “Best Writer” at GLOW Television Festival in Los Angeles, and produced and directed a sold-out staged reading of one of her pilots. Christa is also a classically trained opera singer. She will shatter your glass. Christa is currently in pre-production for Season 2 of Super Single, is creating a documentary about her battle with Lyme Disease, and writing a book about her Lyme journey.

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Instagram – @christanannos_ and @supersingleseries
TikTok – @christanannos
Original music on iTunes & Spotify & YouTube.


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