The Improv Life Podcast Is Live with First Guest Ricardo Feliciano!


My first podcast interview with the amazing Ricardo Feliciano!

Introducing The Improv Life Podcast and Special Thanks to Frankie Estrella

It’s here – the first episode of my new podcast: The Improv Life – Fernando’s Improv Blog Podcast!

Here’s the premise: I’m going to talk to my favorite comedians about their journeys and if they have any tips to help other artists out there right now. I’m sure we’ll talk about more, but I think I just want to sit down with people I love and respect and just talk about comedy. That simple! So I hope you check it out and follow me on SoundCloud or YouTube!

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, so I decided to go “Fuck it!” and just do it!

If I’m going to be honest, the technical issues of producing a podcast are what prevented me from launching one in the past.

However, my really good friend Frankie Estrella – who is the opposite of me in so many ways – launched his own podcast a few years ago – The Whatever The FuckEver Podcast – with no care about technical issues, just a desire to talk to people.

I was his first guest actually! We actually had a big fight towards the end about wanting to play a YouTube video over the podcast studio mic, a good example of Frankie’s DIY ethos and my need to know how to do something before doing it.

Seeing Frankie launch his own podcast and develop a show throughout these past few years really inspired me to start thinking about launching my own podcast.

So for that I want to say! Thank you, Frankie! Couldn’t do this without you!

Love you brother.

Welcome to The Premier of Fernando’s Improv Blog Podcast – The Improv Life! 

You can listen to the first episode below on SoundCloud.

Our first guest ever is none other than the amazing Ricardo Feliciano! 

Ricardo is an LA improv vet with over 10 years of experience in the scene. He has been there and done that! 

Ricardo and I were supposed to be on a Pack House team together, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us at that time. Since then, Ricardo and I have become great friends because of his amazing show EBay Power Selling 101, a surreal talk show about the highs and lows of selling on EBay, a show he co-hosts and co-produces along with Jay Light. 

In this first episode, Richardo and I talk about 

  • The importance of taking breaks and walking away from improv 
  • Why you need to other art forms besides improv
  • How do you go beyond what’s expected as a performer and give the audience a special experience. 
  • Finding the balance between production value and performance 
  • The poor habits improvisers develop when they get settled 
  • Ricardo’s amazing Pack House Improv Team audition 
  • How to be on a house team again after it had been a while 
  • Building a new improv night from scratch at the Pack with his new house team 
  • Team dynamics: you’re not going to be BFFs with all your teammates 
  • The goals of an improv house team vs the goals of a house sketch team 
  • Embracing the thing you do that the audience comes to see 
  • Your role on an improv team 
  • The origin of EBay Power Selling 101

Thanks to Ricardo for being my first guest ever!

Could not have done it without you, brother!



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