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Ep.7 of The Improv Life with Coop Foster

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Improv Life! 

My guest was the very funny Coop Foster! 

Coop is hilarious. I’ve seen her bring audiences down with a single twitch of her eyebrow! She’s got that funny energy that audiences respond to, and it’s a quality you can’t buy in an improv class or achieve with an expensive costume – you just have it. Whatever “it” is – charisma, balance, grace, timing, the combination of all four – Coop has it, and everyone is better for it when they watch her on stage. 

Now I’ve known Coop for a few years now, which means I’ve known her for a long time if we measure time in comedy years (1 comedy year = 7 regular years; I kid). Actually, Coop and I share a common connection by doing improv in San Francisco around the same time, but did not meet till we were both in Los Angeles. 

Did I mention Coop is funny? Well here’s the reason why: she works her ass off for it. She’s one of these select LA comedians who eat, sleep, and breathe comedy. If she’s not in a writers meeting, she’s at a rehearsal. If she’s at a show, she’s probably getting ready to get to her next show right after. The amount of work ethic and passion it takes to keep up her schedule deserves applause. So give it to her! 

This podcast was inspired by a post where Coop posted how she missed performing live comedy. She was speaking to the choir with that post, so I thought to myself, “I have to have  her on the show to talk about this! So I did, and we had a great chat. 

Listen on SoundCloud.

Here’s What We Talked About: 

  • Coop’s crazy hectic “On The Grind,” “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” comedy in life before the pandemic hit and how she misses it 
  • How a director interved in Coop’s life and told her she needed to be an actor 
  • Coop’s struggles with her transition to LA but how she stayed strong and resilient 
  • How a psychic reading before moving to LA from San Francisco foreshadowed her future success in Los Angeles 
  • How performing on the UCB Stage for the first time was validation for making the right choice in moving to LA from SF 
  • The quarantine stopping her comedy life (and that of many others) in its tracks and dealing with the fall out of that 
  • The Power of the Universe – how every time Coop thought she was going to walk away from performing the universe validated her decision to come to Los Angeles and pursue comedy 

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