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Talking to Winston was a blast! I learned so much and walked away with a smile.

Ep.3 of The Improv LIfe with Winston Carter

Wassup! It’s Episode 3 of The Improv Life with guest Winston Carter! 

Winston is a cool dude! I’ve known Winston for a few years now, but I’ve never had a deep conversation with him until this podcast. 

The way Winston put it was “I’m leaving the bodega as you’re entering it.” Meaning, as he’s leaving one show, I’m arriving to the next one, which is how it is. However, I’ve been lucky to see Winston perform a few times, so I know a little about him. It was cool to finally sit down with this neighbor and get to know him. 

Honestly, I had a great time talking to Winston and I felt like I made a cool new friend. Like yeah, we knew each other before, but now we really know each other. Check out this episode! 

Listen on SoundCloud now.

Here’s What Winston and I Talked About 

  • How “The Winston Carter Murder Myster Follies” was born and got its name 
  • How Winston Carter and Dominque Johnson became friends by being put on the same UCB Mess Hall Team
  • How getting on a Mess Hall team was validation for him 
  • His experience of coming up through the UCB ranks and being part of that community for the past 10 years
  • Being part of the Improv “Heyday” in LA 
  • The Harold and Mess Hall Team audition process at UCB 
  • Winston’s Amazing Journey Doing Improv in LA – Listen Now! 


The Podcast Winston Mentioned –

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