Improv Tip #169 – Listen Up (w/ Jordan Black) (2021)

Improv, Improv Comedy, Improvisation – whatever you call it, we’re here to help. In this week’s improv tip, guest tipper and veteran improviser Jordan Black shares the secret of his great work – listening. Whether you’re doing improv comedy, playing improv games, using improv in your acting classes, or expressing yourself with some other kind of improvisation, you are going to love this tip. This is a great improv for beginners tip and advanced improvisers alike.

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0:00 – Intro
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1:46 – Jordan’s Tip

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Jordan Black is a former writer for “Saturday Night Live,” and “The Last OG” and currently writes for “Last Man Standing” and the reboot of “Punky Brewster”. As an actor, he has appeared in such shows as “The Mindy Project”, “2 Broke Girls”, and “Key and Peele” among several others including a recurring role on “Community” as “Dean Spreck”. As a voice actor, he’s worked on many shows including “South Park” and “American Dad”. Black is an alum of The Groundlings, the Los Angeles-based improvisational and sketch comedy troupe and theater where he founded the long-running improv show The Black Version.

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at: @fakejordanblack.


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