Improv Tip #165 Tools for Vulnerability (w/guest tipper Jill Eickmann) 2021

Improv, Improv Comedy, Improvisation – whatever you call it, we’re here to help. In this week’s improv tip, guest tipper and veteran improviser and licensed therapist Jill Eickmann talks about being vulnerable in scenes; how to deal with it when a scene get “too real” AND how to use vulnerability to and connect to those emotions in a safe way that lends substance to your scene work. Whether you’re doing improv comedy, playing improv games, using improv in your acting classes, or expressing yourself with some other kind of improvisation, you are going to love this tip. This is a great improv for beginners tip and advanced improvisers alike.

NOTE: My apologies, in the video, I mistakenly said that Jill was the producer of Femfest.
Jill is ACTUALLY the producer of FEMPROVISER FEST

The producer of FEMFEST is actually Betsaida LeBron
Please check out her website for more details.

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0:00 – Intro
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2:08 – Jill Sets Up What She’s Been Working On
3:30 – Jill’s Tip Number 1 – Get to Know Yourself
4:44 – Jill’s Tip Number 2 – Get to Know Your Team
6:13 – Jill’s Tip Number 3 – Aesthetic Distance
10:45 – Jill’s Tip Number 4 – Have Vulnerability Game Plan
10:48 – Shout out to My Improv Tip about Beining Vulnerable:

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JILL EICKMANN is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Leela, a San Francisco-based improvisational theater and training center. She is also a Board Member and past Producer for The San Francisco Improv Festival and Executive Producer for Femprovisor Fest: SF’s feminist improv festival. Jill has directed over 100 original productions. She has taught her signature style of improvisation to thousands of improvisers of all ages and walks of life.  Jill currently performs in Leela’s Armando Company and multiple duo projects with improvisers across the nation. She’s performed and taught at many improv festivals including Out of Bounds (Austin), San Francisco Improv Fest, Denver Improv Fest, San Diego Improv Fest, Improvaganza Hawaii, Seattle Festival of Improvised Theatre, Chicago Improv Festival, and Vintage Online Improv Fest (among others.)  She has directed many ensembles through Leela’s Performing Improv Ensembles (PIE) Program. Most notably, she taught a private improv class to cast members of Disney’s The Lion King – Broadway Tour.  She studied in New York and Chicago with some of the best from Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB), The Second City, IO (Formerly Improv Olympic), and Annoyance Productions. Jill is also a licensed psychotherapist and drama therapist who continues to research and teach the psychological implications and therapeutic benefits of improvisation. She is the creator and performer of “The Friendship Show” a quiet revolution on the quest to heal loneliness through the art of improvisation.  She enjoys facilitating workshops with SF local start-ups, established companies, and business leaders to support a positive working environment while fostering boundless collective creativity. Past clients include The Clorox Company, Adobe, LinkedIn, Facebook, Salesforce, Youtube, IBM, and Google (among others.)

And here are some links and offerings:
Leela YouTube Channel with their weekly Livestreamed Saturday night shows:

Leela is teaching improv classes online! Website:
She is taking therapy clients as well:
Jill is offering a 12-week drama therapy group (online) starting April 8th, co-facilitated with Drama Therapist, Roni Alperin.


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