Improv Tip #139 – Know What's Happening (w/ Kevin Reome) (2020)

improv, Improv Comedy, Improvisation – whatever you call it, we’re here to help. In this week’s improv tip, guest tipper Kevin Reome offers a tip about knowing what’s going on in the scene (even when you don’t). Whether you’re doing improv comedy, playing improv games, using improv in your acting classes, or expressing yourself with some other kind of improvisation, you are going to love this tip.

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Reome has been teaching at the Second City Training Center in Chicago since 2005, and started studying improv classes in Chicago in 1993 with Don DePollo, Martin de Maat, Adam McKay and Del Close. He is a founding member of the improv team Inside Vladimir and starred in “The Real, Real World” with the Upright Citizens Brigade at iO Chicago in 1995.

He wrote and starred in a musical called “The Eulogist” in 2001, starred as Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the 2012 musical he wrote titled “Rahm Zombie” and raised money with a fake awards show called “The Reome Awards of Chicago to Benefit Alzheimer’s Research” in 2015.

For 3 years Reome was the video host for monthly webisodes at theWit Hotel in downtown Chicago. In 2013 he created a show called “Newsprov” to benefit a charity arts program for inner-city youth. In 2019 he co-wrote and starred in “Lightfoot Loose!” about Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.

He has appeared on the ABC 7 talk show Windy City Live as well as Fox Chicago, NBC5 Chicago, WBBM Newsradio and WLS Talk Radio. Reome has conducted many corporate workshops and traveled to Japan to teach for The Second City Training Center. Reome wrote, directed and starred in “What’s Happy Got To Do With It?” a show/workshop for Second City about parenting. Kevin has a B.A. in English and a teaching degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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