Improv Tip #137 – Online Improv (w/ Amey Goerlich) (2020)

Improv, Improv Comedy, Improvisation – whatever you call it, we’re here to help. In this week’s improv tip, veteran teacher and improviser Paul Vaillancourt brings you guest tipper Amey Goerlich to talk about improv online – a topic becoming more and more important. Whether you’re doing improv comedy, playing improv games, using improv in your acting classes, or expressing yourself with some other kind of improvisation, you are going to love this tip.

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AMEY GOERLICH is the only female in the 18-year-old UCB indie quartet known as KROMPF.  She teaches her KROMPF classes independently in NYC & in LA.  She has taught her game workshop at many improv festivals around the country, The Tampa Bay Improv Festival, The Torch Theatre, The Pocket Theatre, Omaha Improv Festival, San Diego Improv Festival 2017, Improv Utopia East and West and more.

Currently she is living in Los Angeles and teaching/performing at M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre. She also runs The Improvisation Training Hub for independent Improv teachers in NYC & LA.  She co-created an improv card game called ‘Humans Being an Improv Card Game’ available on

She hosted and Coordinated Indie Cage Match at UCBeast for 5 years 2011-2016. She was the Artistic Director of the virtual theatre E-MPROV.  A long-form improviser from 2001-2016 at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and she has coached over 400+ long-form improv teams (some virtually like from Bali).
She has studied under Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts, Kevin Mullaney, Michael Delaney, and many others. Directed/Coached UCB NY Maude Teams, Harold teams, Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit).  Her improv teams in NYC – Spoiled Space Monkeys, Fart Police, Chica go-go, and at DCM every year with KROMPF and Wicked Fuckin’ Queeah.

In LA her improv teams Lucy (Faculty Team) at Westside Comedy Theatre and current team Women Aren’t Funny you can see every first Wednesday of the month 10p at Westside and Improv Famous every first Thursday of the month. Check out her web series Best Cupcakes in the World on YouTube and coming soon The Best Pickles in the World.

You can also hear her talk improv on Jimmy Carrane Improv Nerd Podcast taped at The Steelstacks Improv Fest 2014, Improv Resource Center podcast with Kevin Mullaney, and many more.

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