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It was our Brighton improv drop-in run by John that was the spark that started the Maydays back in 2004. The Thursday drop-in was the very first of our classes that we took online so it only seemed right that it was the first class we brought back after a long break. Here’s a little bit of info about what to expect on returning.


What has changed about our Brighton improv drop-in?



The start time of the Thursday drop-in will now be 7 pm, a whole hour earlier than pre-pandemic. This is due in part to the venue we are using but we were also keen to have the start time in line with our courses so we’ll see how this new time goes over the next few months.



Sadly, we said goodbye to our own space The Maydays Studio in 2020 but the Brighton drop-in will take place for now at BHASVIC. Great news about BHASVIC is that it’s accessible, has free parking and is nice and central with good transport links for locals or those travelling in.


Safety measures

We will be taking steps to make sure our classes are as safe as possible over the next few months by taking temperature and providing hand sanitiser upon entry, ensuring the classroom is well ventilated and keeping social distancing in place throughout the classes. Masks will not be worn during games and scenes and will be optional for those watching in the audience during exercises.



To help with the safety measures above, we have halved the capacity of our drop-in classes to 8 people so keeping a safe distance will be easy in the space provided (and everyone gets double stage time as a bonus!)



The drop-in price has increased somewhat from pre-pandemic – this is mainly due to having only half the amount of places to sell but still the same costs to cover. Since we no longer have our own venue there are now extra hire costs, insurance costs etc. We have managed to keep our admin staff on during these months at reduced hours but there is still a lot of rebuilding left to do of our operations and the road ahead is a long one.

We will be doing our absolute best to keep the classes affordable while still covering our costs and will be looking to increase the class capacity and reduce ticket prices when it is safe to do so. However, if you are wanting to get involved in Brighton improv again and money is an issue for you please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at as we provide payment plans and scholarship options for anyone in need.



What has stayed the same about our Brighton improv drop-in?



The Brighton Drop-in will still be taught by members of The Maydays and friends.  In the Summer term expect to welcome back regular teachers, Jenny Haufek, Liz Peters, Harry Puckering, Jenny Rowe and Heather Urquhart. We’ll also have long time company member Jules Munns teaching for us as he is now living in the area AND we will be training up new teachers by the end of 2021.



We have been moved by the support shown to us through the pandemic, our gofundme campaign stopped us from going under as a company and we’ve been delighted to see familiar faces over this past year in our online drop-in classes, courses and workshops. We’ve also missed those of you who have opted out of online classes and can’t wait to see you again in real life.



We will still be holding our teaching and classes to the same high standards we always have. In the last couple of years, we have trained up our teachers in courses including first aid, mental health first aid, deaf awareness training, Inclusion in improv and more.

Our teachers continue to further their own improv training themselves so we can bring you fresh new material alongside all the classic games you know and love. The Brighton drop-in will also continue to be open to all but please get in touch to talk to us about any accessibility needs you have prior to the class if you would like to.


We are looking forward to welcoming the Brighton improv community back to The Maydays Brighton improv drop-in classes! Book your place here



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